What do we do?

BDM Enterprises specializes in custom software development. If you have thought, there must be a better way to do _________. We can help build that better way with software!

Web Applications

We can help with building or updating your web applications. Expertise in React, jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript, and more.

Mobile Apps

Looking to launch a mobile application for your business? With experience building and publishing iOS apps to the Apple App store, we can help!


Whether you need to update and existing excel report or build a new report from data in your SQL database.


Amazon Alexa, Google Dialog Flow, Microsoft Bot Framework? We have worked with many of the popular bot frameworks.

Our Clients Love Us

Need more information? Check what other people are saying about our product.

The DC software has been a game changer for our shops. DC resolves many of RO Writers shortcomings and has replaced several other "add on" software that we have used in the past. DC is also a great tool for running multiple locations, we can view data and reports easily and remotely!

The Digital Concierge program has been a game-changer for our business. The recorded phone calls, texting from our main phone number, and customer follow-up through the CRM program are just a few of the things that have helped us improve our business. Eliminating multiple programs like we were. This is an easy way to streamline the process and save money.

Digital concierge has been great at combining call recording, text messaging, and point of sale integration. The customer service side is extremely responsive. Brad has been great to work with.

We use all of it, the DVI's, the Flow Board, Texting, CRM Campaign's, and the Reporting. The DVI's bring in a lot of work and add a higher level of transparency which increases our average RO. The Board keeps the shop organized and the Texting is an easy way of staying in contact with our customers. We have used it with 2 different software products (RO Writer and Protractor) and it works flawlessly with either.

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